Monday, June 4, 2012

{Featured Store} Srishti - An eye for art

Founded: 2012
Location: Hyderabad, India
About :  Srishti is where you can buy exquisite gifts made out of everyday items that one no longer uses. Using various styles of crochet, knitting, card making and good old imagination, we create gifts that are simple and utilitarian.
Description: 'Srishti' means 'Creation' and what we essentially do is create products. 
How are we different: At Srishti we believe in '"L'art d'arrangiarsi" meaning "the art of making something out of nothing".
Vision: Through 'Srishti' we are encouraging up-cycling/recycling and reviving fading art forms like Crochet, Painting and Card Making while also giving you ideas how everyday items you would otherwise discard can be turned into something really beautiful.
Why are we doing this: In this era of mass produced everything we are bringing to you something that's handmade, artistic and unique. We are personalizing the art of gifting where, if needed, we can also help you design a gift specifically for someone, gifts that tell a story. We would like to be known as 'that brand which makes those gifts out of everything from cardboard boxes to small pearls' because we have realized that everyday items are often the best ingredients for a meaningful, appealing, utilitarian and elegant gift that will bring a smile to the face of your special someone. We are evolving each day and so our products.
Products: Quilled Greeting Cards, Quilled theme based Wall Frames, Quilled Gift Tags, Personalized Photo Frames, Gift box Sets, Gift Bags,Paper bags, Gift Tags, Crochet Earrings, Crochet Pencil Tops, Crochet Knick – Knacks, etc.
Workshops: Crochet, Origami, Card Making, Candle Making, Soft Toys Making and Gift Wrapping.
Phone: 0091 9885343035

People Behind Srishti:  Two bubbly sisters Rashmi and Srishti . Who love to recycle/up-cycle 

What can you do to support: Join hands with us to make the chain longer and stronger. Be an ambassador of Srishti Brand, spread our ideology and products through exhibitions, flea markets, craft bazaars that can be conducted at your residence, apartment, gated community, office levels. 

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  1. Hi Swathi !!!

    I am not a regular follower of your blog, but whenever i have visited your space I have always learned something new from your craft.

    I am passing the Liebster Blog Award to you. Kindly visit for details and pass on the same.